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Redenka – Rila Monastery

Program Prices
8:30 – Redenka – Rila Monastery
10:00 – arrival at the Rila Monastery
13:00 – lunch
14:30 – Rila Monastery – Redenka
From 3-6 people group – 27 leva per person
From 3 to 13 people – 15 leva per person

The price includes a visit fee for the monastery and dry packages

Information about the Rila Monastery

excursion to Rila Monastery from RedenkaOccupation is a complex of cult, residential and industrial buildings with a total area of ​​8800 sq. M. The Rila Monastery has a unique architecture. Outside, with the 24-meter stone walls of its main buildings, which form an irregular pentagon, the monastery looks like a fortress. Therefore, the pilgrim or entrant, who falls inside one of the two iron gates, remains surprised by the softness of the architectural forms: arches and colonnades, covered wooden stairs and carved cabinets, behind which the cells are 300-400 in number.

In the middle of the cobbled yard, in a strange symbiosis, the holy creatures of the Hrelyo Tower and the baroque silver domes of the main church coexist. In the middle of the courtyard stands the oldest building in the complex – an impressive stone tower built by the local feudal Sevastokrator Hrelyo in 1334-1335. Next to it stands a small church, which is only a few years younger (1343 AD). ). In later times (1844) a tower was added to the tower. The main monastery church “Nativity of the Virgin” dates back to the same period.

It is believed that the creator of the Rila Monastery was the first Bulgarian monk-reverend John Rilski (876-946), who chose the desert route as a means of spiritual improvement and a protest against the contraction of the high moral norms of true Christianity. Born in the 70s, witnessing the decline of the First Bulgarian Kingdom during the time of King Peter.

Redenka – Melnik – Rozhen Monastery

Program Prices
8:30. – Redenka – Melnik
11:00 – Rozhen Monastery
13:00 – Rozhen Monastery – Redenka
16.30 – departure for holiday complex “Redenka”
From 3-6 people group – 35 leva per person
From 3 to 13 people – 20 leva per person

The price includes a visit fee for the monastery and dry packages.excursion to the Rozhen Monastery from Redenka

Departure from the Redenka holiday complex at 8.30 am for one of the most famous city of wine cellars in Bulgaria – Melnik. Visit to the Historical Museum in Melnik – the Kardopulov House and a tasting of the famous Melnik wine. Visit the Melnik pyramids. Lunch in a traditional Bulgarian restaurant and free time. After lunch, departure for Rozhen Monastery. Examination of Grandma Vanga’s house museum. Departure for holiday complex “Redenka”.

Redenka – Dobarsko

Program Prices
09:00 – Redenka – Dobarsko
09:30 – Visiting the church “St. Theodor Tyron”
11:30 – lunch and free time in Dobarsko
13.30 – Redenka
From 3-6 people – 10 leva per person
From 3 to 13 people – 7 leva per person

The price includes a visit fee for the monastery and dry packages. Arrival in Dobarsko at 9.30 am. There you will visit the church “St. Theodor Tiron. ” The church was built in 1614. She was ranked 3th in the list of tourist sites. There is a spring of mineral water in the church with which the soldiers are loving their eyes. Departure for holiday complex “Redenka” at 13.30.

Redenka – Kovachevitsa

Program Prices
9:00 – Redenka
11:00 – Kovachevitsa
13:30 – Redenka
From 3-6 people group – 27 leva per person
From 3 to 13 people – 15 leva per person

The price includes a visit fee for the monastery and dry packages. Departure at 9.00 am from Redenka holiday complex for the beautiful place called Kovachevitsa. The village of Kovachevitsa is located in a mountainous area. About 24 km away is the town of Gotse Delchev, and the nearest village to Kovachevitsa is the village of Gorno Dryanovo, 5 km away.

excursion to Kovachevitsa from RedenkaThe village is situated on the Kanina River, in the valley of which is the small arable land and the only road that leads to Gotse Delchev and the valley of the Mesta river. In the village settled Bulgarians from Ribnovo and probably from Bansko. In the 18th century Bulgarians from western Macedonia arrived in the village. That is why today the two parts of the village, the upper Baneva and the lower Arnautovska quarter, Kavachevitsa village have preserved their authentic appearance since the 18th-19th century and are one of the most famous and beautiful Bulgarian villages.

The houses are almost entirely made of stone, including the roofs, only the highest of the last floor being of wood. Kovachevitsa is an architectural reserve, similar to Koprivshtitsa and Old Plovdiv, and has preserved its picturesque revival architecture. At 13.30 departure for holiday complex “Redenka”.